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Root Paschal 2 X 10 RCIA 51% Beeswax Orn. Candle [Each]

Candidates who seek to know Jesus Christ and build a relationship with Him as a member of the Catholic Church, embark on the RCIA journey – a period of study and reflection and growing in faith, that culminates in formal acceptance into the membership of the Catholic Church. The Celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation usually takes place at the Easter Vigil Mass. Upon their Initiation, each of the Elect receives an RCIA candle, lit from the Paschal candle, as a reminder to always walk in the Light of Christ.
Root Candles is proud to offer RCIA candles in our proprietary 51% beeswax bland as well as our less expensive Liturgy blend option. All candles are sold individually.

RCIA 51% Beeswax Fully Ornamented Candle. 2″ x 10″. Hand decorated with Raised Gold Cross and Gold Band Decal. Individually packaged.

Manufacturer: Root

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